How to Find a Place to Sit

Somehow this little guy got stuck in my house, but he found a very nice place to relax by a window. When you find yourself in a place you don’t particularly want to be, look around a bit. A tiny oasis like one this might be waiting on you.


Unexpectedly Speeding the Process of Decay

Most things have a set rate of falling apart. Sometimes an unexpected acclerant is introduced into the process. When this happens, unknowns begin to show themselves with increasing speed.

Walk the Plank into the Melting Sun

Walk the Plank into the Melting Sun

A quiet inlet on the Chesapeake Bay provided some pretty magnificent colors just before the sun slipped away. (By the way, it was nice to hang out with my camera again. It’s been a while. Hopefully, more soon.)

Before the Leaves

Miniature Meetings and Purple Perches

Drain Trouble

I’m going to switch things up a bit today with a video. I came across this drain pipe on a hike the other day and decided a picture would simply not capture its oddness. I don’t know why it was flowing that way, but I found myself a little creeped out. Mysterious.

Flowers Fall and Weeds Grow

These small purple flowers scattered about the forest floor have caught my eye many times in the past few weeks. I set out for some pictures of them this morning and they kindly obliged. (I could not think of a title, so I used a favorite saying of Dōgen)

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