Twin Pines

I was digging through some old files and came across this tranquil image. I wrote something to go along with it a while back too. Photos inspiring creativity is the spirit of the blog, so I’ll share part of it with everyone. Maybe it will provide some nice relief for the summer heat too.

Twin Pines

The story is called Twin Pines, here goes:

The old grey two storied house looked small and square from the street. Two cars, a flaming red low-riding sports car and a beat up truck stripped of paint, were parked on the curb. A grey cat lying sleepily on the front porch yawned and paid no attention to the snow piling up around it. Two strangely identical pines stood tall on each side of the front door. They were by far most attractive things about the small lot the house sat on. The sign above the old door read:
Twin Pines
1058 Bell Street
in green letters floating on white. Thomas stood on the crumbling walkway enveloped by the chill of winter air looking up. He wondered if he had ever seen two trees as alike as these while he compared trunks and branches. He took several moments to note similarities shared by the trees for no other reason than to ease his own curiosity, his head cocked back the whole time. He found his wound up nerves eased in the presence of the two great trees. They stood tall in the gentle breeze, silently collecting bits of snow that fell from the sky. Thomas saw a stainless white beginning to overtake their deep evergreen coats. His eyes moved slowly up and down each one as if he were examining a fine piece of art for the tiniest defect. He forgot all about the box full of books, getting heavier by the moment, in his hands as he stared. His attention jerked back to the task at hand once the weight of the books began their surrender to the force of gravity. Yes, an empty room in this house was his to fill.

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