Intoxication of the Quest’s End

On the search for Eternity, eyes unwaveringly locked on the goal are no eyes. Steps on the present path are missed, one after another.

Stop searching. Silence effortlessly presents a formless hand. Learn to grip the hand of silence gently in your own. Soon focus will breathe and eyes will truly see. A misstep becomes no different than a step in the right direction.


3 thoughts on “Intoxication of the Quest’s End

  1. Thanks for stopping by (and subscribing to) my blog earlier today. I’ve poked around here a bit; you’ve got some very interesting, material here. It’s a different style than my own, but variety is definitely the spice of life; I find it highly worthwhile to see someone approach the same subjects that I often photograph in such a unique manner. I look forward to viewing more.

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